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NAPOLEON Fiberglow 30" Vent free Gas Log Set
NAPOLEON Fiberglow 30" Vent free Gas Log Set

NAPOLEON Fiberglow 30" Vent free Gas Log Set

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE GIVE OUR EXPERIENCED SALES STAFF A CALL 1 855 485 4015.. NAPOLEON GVFL 30 FIBERGLOW VENT FREE GAS LOG SET INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING IS THE FOLLOWING: MILLIVOLT REMOTE CONTROL GAS VALVE WITH BUILT IN ADJUSTABLE FLAME HEAT CONTROL OXYGEN DEPLETION SENSOR (ODS) PHAZERAMIC BURNER AND LOGS WITH LARGE CHARCOAL EMBERS PIEZO IGNIGHTOR ON/OFF SWITCH GRATE ANDIORNS 5LBS OF LAVA ROCKS 50% FLAME/HEAT ADJUSTMENT FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT AND EFFIENCY SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION AS AN UNVENTED GAS LOG HEATER OR VENTED DECORATIVE APPLIANCE Product Information What if you could come home and with the flip of a switch had a roaring fire? NAPOLEON’s GVFL30 Vent Free Gas Log Set doesn’t need a chimney or wood. The GVFL30 uses the air currents in your home to vent and circulate the warmth that it generates. There is no chopping and carrying in wood or lighting and hoping it catches. The simple to use controls allow you to sit back and relax to a roaring fire with no work. The NAPOLEON® Vent Free Logs are a great addition to a home where fireplaces were not an option before, and ideal for an inexpensive installation or where an optional fireplace was never installed. PRODUCT FEATURES Infrared heat radiates back into the room for additional heat Complete with solid cast iron andirons & grate, large charcoal embers and 5 lbs. lava rock/cinders 50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency Packaged as one complete system for ease of installation Available in clean burning natural gas or propane Turn on and off with the flick of a switch Controls are hidden from view but easy to access President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty 99.9 Percent Efficient You do not need a chimney and the air currents in your house help with the efficiency of your GVFL30 making it 99.9 percent efficient over many other fireplace options. Save money on renovations as well as your gas and heating bill. You only need an enclosure for the GVFL30 and your existing gas line. No chimney. Get the look of a real wood fireplace for less than a gas insert all in one box. Get 30-inches of warmth and comfort with the GVFL30 Vent Free Gas Log Set. The electronic ignition system means it works even when the power is out. The logs are painstakingly hand painted to give you a real wood look. The heat from the fire is absorbed by the logs and the unique fiber burner cover then converted into infrared heat. That heat causes the burner cover to glow like real wood. The heat is radiated out into the room. Imagine sitting down in front of a flickering fire and enjoying the warmth — instantly. Options & Accessories Decorative Panels Cobblestone Brick Kit (For Zero Clearance Fireboxes) Media Lava Rocks/Cinders (Standard with Log Sets) Components F45 & F60 Remote Controls, On/Off with Digital Screen Andirons, Painted Black Cast Iron Grate (Standard) Zero Clearance Firebox with Fireplace Screen Available in 36" & 42" ainted logs, cast iron andirons and manual.