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NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set
NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set

NAPOLEON Verso 28" Vemted Gas Log Set

$ 949.00
THE NAPOLEON VERSO 28 VENTED GAS LOG SET OFFERS REALISTIC LOGS, THE CONVIENANCE OF ELECTRONIC IGNITION. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL. 1 855 485 4015 WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. ASK ABOUT OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS ON NAPOLEON VENTED GAS LOGS NOT LISTED ONLINE! WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON NAPOLEON GAS LOGS!!! INCLUDED WITH THE LOG SET: GAS VALVE ELECTRONIC IGNITION ON/OFF SWITCH GRATE DAMPER CLAMP EXCLUSIVE PHAZERAMIC CERAMIC FIBRE LOG SET WITH 2-WAY DESIGN SAND (NG MODELS ONLY) GLASS (LP MODELS ONLY) CHARCOAL EMBERS GLOWING EMBERS CHARCOAL LUMPS Product Information Most would say that you can’t have a real wood fire without all of that time and effort. NAPOLEON® has proven that untrue with their  Reversible Gas Log Set – GL28. You can have the look and feel of a real wood fire with virtually zero maintenance. The reversible logs give you the look of split logs or natural tree bark. Imagine changing the look of your entire room just by flipping the logs to show one side or the other with the changing seasons! Customize the look of your large fire with the placement of the brilliant glowing embers and charcoal embers. PRODUCT FEATURES Up to 80,000 BTUs Cast iron grate Charcoal lumps, charcoal embers & glowing embers Natural gas (NG) models come with sand to cover the bottom pan Propane (LP) models come with glass to cover the bottom pan Reversible PHAZER® logs – two log sets in one Optional remote kits (two) All components packaged in one box CSA approved Mobile home approved TWO LOOKS IN ONE How convenient is it that you can flip a switch and immediately have a roaring fire. Give your space the ambiance it deserves with a large fire on command. The high BTU’s warm the GL28’s logs, which absorb the heat, reflecting it out into your room. The ingenious burner system spreads the flame to create the most realistic fire experience. When done with the fire, conveniently turn it off again. No more waiting for it to burn out. The ceramic fiber logs hold the heat and will continue to disperse it into the room, leaving you with a radiant warmth even after the fire is gone. Less expensive than a gas fireplace insert, the GL28 Gas Log Set is a great way to quickly update your existing wood fireplace without loosing the look or the charm. NAPOLEON’s GL28 Reversible Gas Log Set comes in one box and sets up in a snap once installed. With the flip of a switch you can have the instant heat and ambiance of a wood fire without the work or mess. When done with the fire, flip the switch again and the fire is off. There is no inconvenient waiting for the fire to burn out or cleaning up afterward. Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t stop a NAPOLEON® GL28 Gas Log Set. If the power goes out there is no need to worry. You will be safe and warm with the battery operated ignition. The GL28 has the SAFEGUARD™ system built in as well. This shuts off gas to the unit when not burning, saving you money on your gas bill. Just another reason the GL28 is more convenient than a real wood fire. Options & Accessories Media Charcoal Lumps, Charcoal Embers & Glowing Embers (Standard) Finish Options (Side One) Authentic Split Wood Look (Side Two) Natural Tree Bark Look Components F45 On/Off Remote Control Remote Control Kit, F45 Remote, Receiver, Batteries, Remote Cradle and Two Ceramic Fibre Logs Cast Iron Grate (Standard)