Key West 42 Outdoor See Through Gas Fireplace
Key West 42 Outdoor See Through Gas Fireplace

Key West 42 Outdoor See Through Gas Fireplace

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Firegear`s Key West 42 Outdoor Ventless See Thru Gas Fireplace . This top quality outdoor see through gas fireplace from Firegear includes a 30' stainless steel burner w/ fireglass. Steel stud framing kit, 64 1/16' W x 51' T x 19' D .Battery operated electronic ignition w/ safety valve. Weatherproff on/off wall switch with battery compartment. Tempered glass windshield to protect the flame from windy conditions. Glass windshield cover to protect fireplace when not in operation. We are your outdoor gas fireplace headquarters give our outdoor fireplace experts a call today+1 (347) – 720 – 6655.

Key West 42 See-Thru

KWST-42/N- Outdoor Ventless See-Thru Fireplace for Built-In Custom Applications

  • 42' Stainless Steel Firebox opening with Reflective Side Wall and Ceiling Stainless Steel Panels
  • Includes Steel Stud Framing Kit, overall dimensions: 64 1/16' Wide x 51' Tall x 19' Deep
  • 30' Stainless Steel Burner comes with fireglass
  • Battery Operated Electronic Ignition with Safety Valve. The Safety Valve will turn the gas off in case of loss of flame
  • Includes Weather Cover to protect your fireplace when not in operation
  • Ships as Natural Gas, 50,000 BTU/H- Propane Conversion Kit available (326-969)

Product Description The KWST-42-N Built-In Outdoor See-Thru Fireplace is a great choice for your outdoor gathering area. Included is a Steel Stud Framing Kit to add some extra pizzazz to this stylish model. The fireplace features stainless steel reflective side walls as well as a stainless steel ceiling panel. The fireglass, glass windshield, and glass windshield cover are also included. You can turn the unit on easily with a flip of the On/Off wall switch! The ignition is battery operated with a safety valve, ensuring that the gas gets cut off if the flame goes out. This fireplace is designed to work with natural gas, but may be converted to propane. The overall dimensions are 64-1/16' wide by 51' tall and 19' deep. Model ModelDescription KWST-42-N WST-42-N Built In Outdoor See-Thru Fireplace includes: Burner, Steel Stud Framing Kit, Stainless Steel Reflective Side Walls and Ceiling Panel, Fireglass, Glass Windshield, Glass Windshield Cover, On/Off Wall Switch

Accessories ModelDescription 376-969 Propane Conversion Kit for KWST-42-N, 49,000 BTU 326-930 Driftwood 6 piece Twig Set 377-909 Key West See-Thru Kit Propane Drawer Kit to be used with KWST-42/N


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