Napoleon High Country NZ7000 Linear Wood Burning Fireplace
Napoleon High Country NZ7000 Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

Napoleon High Country NZ7000 Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

$ 7 999.00
Napoleon Hign Country NZ7000 Linear Wood Burning Fireplace

The new Napoleon High Country 7000 linear wood burning fireplace. This new product from napoleon is a advanced clean burning fireplace. The modern linear look and advanced fireplace technology make this new fireplace from napoleon one of the most unique wood burning fireplaces on the market. is your home for discount Napoleon Fireplaces. Give our experts a call today and ask about our weekly fireplace specials. We also carry venting for all your needs give us a call and we can put a venting package together for your new fireplace.

High Country 7000 Wood Fireplace

Product Code - NZ7000

  • One of the Cleanest Wood Burning Fireplaces in the World!
  • Dimensions, 31 1/8'h, 61 7/8'w, 31 5/16'd
  • Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass
  • Massive Viewing Area
  • Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty

Everyone dreams of owning the perfect fireplace. One that meets your modern style sensibilities, anchoring the space with a functional beauty that matches your dé,cor perfectly. A fireplace that has artistry but functions with unsurpassed efficiency. The Napoleon High Country 7000 Wood Burning Fireplace is a linear wood fireplace that gives unmatched efficiency while providing a stunning focal point for your favorite room. Yes, you can have it all from a wood burning fireplace.

The High Country 7000 is one of the cleanest wood burning fireplaces in the world, surpassing the highest standards. The superior levels of functionality can be found in our completely redesigned firebox, featuring improved aerodynamics that allow you to open the door without letting smoke into the room. The High Country 7000s Zero Gravity door is a stunning piece of engineering, counterbalanced, it effortlessly slides up into the wall giving you easy access to the fire for starting or adding wood. Fast start air induction ports allow you to light a cozy fire faster than ever before.

Create a cozier atmosphere, even in the most modern feeling rooms with the High Country 7000 Wood Burning Fireplace. The heat radiating ceramic glass transfers the warmth of your fire into the room. But you dont have to worry about loosing heat when the fireplace isnt in use. Weve designed this fireplace to minimize heat loss with the 100% closable flue and outside damper. That means that you will always be cozy and warm, even if the fire isnt burning.

The contemporary High Country 7000 Wood Burning Fireplace is stylish and provides any space with impact as well as the authenticity of a wood burning fireplace. It is the fireplace that you have been craving. Easily style this fireplace to meet your decorating needs with two styles of brick back panels. And add a touch of traditional to your fireplace with the standard andirons. Bring back the pure satisfaction of sitting in front of a wood burning fireplace with the High Country 7000.

The Napoleon High Country 7000 Wood Fireplace is inspired by European clean face design and features a huge viewing area. An exclusive counterbalanced ZERO GRAVITY door system operates the screen and heat radiating ceramic glass independently, allowing the fire to be viewed through either the glass, screen or both. The large firebox holds up to 50 lbs of wood and is lined with high density vermiculite. A powerful air wash system keeps the glass clean and the super-boost air induction ports sweep across the ember bed for extremely fast start-ups. ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES
  • Firebox aerodynamics allow you to open the door without drawing smoke into the room
  • ZERO GRAVITY glass and screen door operate independently
  • ZERO GRAVITY glass and screen doors have precision 4 way roller system that has been proven and tested to 50 years of operation
  • Only 3.1 grams per kilogram emissions, qualifies at the Phase 2 Emissions Level for U.S. EPAs Voluntary Fireplace Program
  • Flue damper and outside air damper close 100% when not in use to minimize heat loss
  • Steel andirons in charcoal finish standard
  • Outside air control lever standard
  • Glass swings open for easy cleaning
  • Firebox is tapered back to increase heat radiating back into the firebox to maximize efficiency
  • Gloves included with unit






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Steel andirons in charcoal finish

Heat Resistant Gloves Included