Empire BF30 Blue Flame Gas  Vent Free Space Heater

Empire BF30 Blue Flame Gas Vent Free Space Heater

$ 539.00
Empire BF-30 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Vent-Free Gas Heater Liquid Propane LP Blue Flame Standing Pilot * Please Note: This heater is not designed for use when placed on the floor. To ensure proper safety and cost efficiency, place the heater on the Empire Heater Stand, product # CUI-SRS18 which is sold separately (See Accessories tab above for complete product information). * Also Note: This unit is approved for mobile home installation where not prohibited by local codes. * Also Note: This Model Cannot Be Used With An Optional Remote Control Or Wall Switch/Wall Mount Thermostat. A Rotary Knob Is Located On The Unit To Control The Temperature Setting. The BF30 produces an inviting warmth quickly and efficiently. A Blue Flame heater will warm the room starting with objects in the room including the wall on which it is installed and travel up as heat does. If your room has a ceiling fan with reversible blades, this will also help spread the heat throughout the room. The BF-30 is equipped with a hydraulic thermostat and modulates from 8,500 BTUs to 30,000 BTUs for continuous temperature control. With a modulating hydraulic thermostat once the preset comfort level is reached, the unit cycles the main burner flame from HI to LO and, when the thermostat is satisfied, to OFF while still leaving the pilot on. This reduces the large flame to a smaller flame while still emitting heat. This vent free heater should not be used as a primary heat source.В  Although gas heats cleanly, efficiently, and for less than half the cost of electricity, if window condensation problems are common in your home, installing a vent-free heater may not be a good option for you. This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket manufactured (mobile) home, where allowed by state or local codes.В  Convenient, easy-to-use controls on the top of the unit Push-button start (no need for matches) Test-fired in the factory Oxygen-Depletion Sensor shuts off the unit if there is not enough available fresh air Quiet Durable, scratch-resistant finish Gas heat also continues to function in the event of a power outage.В  Available in Natural Gas BF-30N and Liquid Propane BF30L A licensed gas technician is required for installation of this product.В  Please check your local regulations as some areas may require inspection after installation of gas products. It is highly recommended that you use your own gas technician or gas provider for any repairs. Heating BTUs В  30000 Control Type В  Thermostatic Number of Control Settings В  Thermostatic Ignition Type В  Standing Pilot Blower В  Optional Floor Stand Kit В  Optional Wall Mounting Kit В  Included Gas Connection Size В  3/8" Min. Clearance to Combustibles Left side 5 inches, Right side 5 inches, Do not install in alcove or closet, Rear wall 0 inches, Ceiling 36 inches, Minimum vertical clearance from a projection above the appliance (shelves, window sills, etc.) 36 inches, Floor (top surface of carpeting, tile, etc.) 2 inches Flame Type В  Blue Flame Width (in.) В  24.125В  " Depth (in.) В  6.5В  " Height (in.) В  22В  " Clearance to Side Wall (in.) В  5В  " Clearance Top to Ceiling (in.) В  36В  " Clearance Bottom to Floor В  2 Net Weight (lbs.) В  38 Certifications В  AHRI, Design Certified Parts Warranty В  5 Years Labor Warranty В  5 Years