Napoleon 1100p Wood Stove Package Blow Out Deal

Napoleon 1100p Wood Stove Package Blow Out Deal

$ 1 399.00

Napoleon 1100p Wood stove blow out package deal including stove body, door and blower these are brand new .Take advantage now very limited availability!! If you have any questions please call us+1 (347) – 720 – 6655!

Enjoy long nights filled with warmth and relaxation topped with the dancing flames of a cozy fire that burns completely with efficiency and environmentally friendly results! Napoleon's 1100 Wood Stove is constructed of durable cast steel with a tough porcelain finish that made to stay beautiful throughout the years. An attractive pedestal base acts as a well concealed inlet for combustion air, which can be drawn in from outside to add greater heating efficiency.

The 1100P Wood Stove is set apart from the rest using advanced, patented wood burning technology that exceeds EPA standards to create the optimum wood burning environment. Each component of the 1100P Wood Stove acts as a key element in the process needed to produce and maintain the perfect fire.

A primary bottom air feed that assists in cold start ups and reviving a dying fire sets the foundation for the perfect wood burning environment. Secondary, insulated air tubes with ceramic fiber and a protective stainless steel cover ensure complete combustion while an effective air wash system in combination with high firebox temperatures keep the large, ceramic glass window clean. The 1100P Wood Stove features wrap around side shields to help disperse heat, reducing the clearance to combustibles for installation flexibility.

A fully refractory lined firebox plays an important role in the advanced burning process by holding the heat in and maintaining the interior temperature necessary for low emissions. The 1100P uses cool room air that is circulated around the firebox. It is taken in, heated and then returned back into the room. This wood burning unit is simple to operate with a single lever burn control that regulates primary and secondary air to establish a perfect mix and a clean burn.


  • Upper firebox lined with ceramic fiber baffles
  • Large ash dump with convenient folding lid and dual carrying handles ad to the ease of cleaning
  • Non-catalytic high tech design eliminates the need for a delicate ceramic catalytic combustor which can deteriorate
  • Full canopy top with cooking trivet deflects heat forward into the room
  • Black trivet, black louvers and black ash pan with lid come standard with the unit
  • Large viewing area through an elegantly arched cast iron door
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty
Additional Information Specifications
  • Color: Painted Black
  • BTUs: 55,000
  • Flue Diameter: 6' - Top
  • Made of cast steel with ceramic glass
  • Pedestal
  • Louvers
  • Black trivet
  • Ash pan with lid
  • Exterior dimensions: 25 1/2' Wide x 33 1/4' High x 22 1/2' Deep
  • Firebox dimensions: 18' Wide x 12' High x 13 1/2' Deep
  • Mobile home approved for the US ONLY
Additional Information BTU Heat Output* BTU Heat Output** (High Burn) Firebox Capacity (cu. ft.) Area Heated (sq. ft.) Burn Time (hours) Log Size (max) Flue Diameter Emissions (grams per hour) 11,700 - 42,200 55,000 1.7 600 - 1500+ 7 18' 6' (Top) 4.1

Dimensions Firebox Chamber Dimensions Mobile Home Approved Weight of Bricks Weight without Bricks and Doors Catalytic Combustor 25 1/2' Wide x 33 1/4' High x 22 1/2' Deep 18' Wide x 12' High x 13 1/2' Deep Yes 110 lbs. 215 lbs. No

Clearances to Combustibles

Installation Corner Rear Sides Single wall chimney connector from stove to combustibles 6' 10' 12' With approved double wall pipe from stove to combustibles 2' 6' 10'

* EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rated BTU/h with softwood test fuel (for emissions only) - no refueling.

** Wolf Steel Ltd. own test results showing realistic BTU using hardwood with regular refueling. Heat output will differ on chimney draft as well as type, moisture content, and size of wood.