Warranty Order and Reimbursement Policy

In our constant effort to maintain simplicity yet be more efficient, we are requesting that if a part is needed to repair a unit, an order must be submitted through Veronis on the Customer Claim/Warranty Request Form provided to you in the back of the Veronis  Product Catalog. All areas on the form must be completed to ensure that the warranty claim is properly processed. Please take special care in correctly completing the model number, serial number and installation date.

You, the dealer, will be invoiced for all parts ordered for the repair and will be reimbursed only after the manufacturer has issued the warranty credit to Veronis .

Labor and/or mileage allowances are typically predetermined by the manufacturer in accordance to the work performed. Any labor and/or mileage accrued above the set labor and mileage rates need pre-authorization, with the amount still being determined by the manufacturer. These rates can be made available to you by contacting Veronis ' Warranty Support Team at +1 (347) – 720 – 6655

The warranty period for consumers begins at the date of installation. Installation and start-up procedures are considered to be normal required activities not associated with warranty service. Issues such as log placement, air shutter adjustment, gas pressure or venting should be included in start-up. Such procedures are not covered by the product warranty.

It is the responsibility of the dealer to return warranty product. Veronis  is not responsible for issuing call tags for warranty items needing to be returned.

Please note: This is a brief outline only of vendor guidelines, which are subject to change without prior notice. For more information on a specific manufacturer's warranty policy, please contact the Veronis 's Warranty Specialist at +1 (347) – 720 – 6655

Please further note: BAC Sales is NOT responsible for freight charges incurred by a dealer for replacement parts. Freight for all warranty items is the responsibility of the dealer in the event that manufacturer does not cover it.